2021 Workshops Are Back!!

Building a Large Santos --SOLD OUT
Mixed Media Workshop with Lynn Leahy
July 26th - August 3rd
Arizona Art Supply
Phoenix, AZ

In this 9 day workshop, Kirsten and Lynn will lead students in creating a 30" cage skirt Santos sculpture. First, Kirsten will guide students in creating, texturing and finishing a 24" torso from air dry clay. If you have NEVER sculpted, this is your chance to learn while exploring the importance of gesture and expression as important narrative tools. Anatomy and proportion will be reviewed in class so prior figurative
experience is not necessary.
Kirsten and Lynn will then guide the students to create a niche in the figure for more storytelling potential. Students will be taught to make a crown out of a wire substrate that can be painted and collaged. In addition, the three-foot steel cage skirt will be patinaed using antiquing solutions to give a lovely, old world effect.


Honoring Mischief:  A Koshari Inspired Workshop
A Masterclass for ALL levels

Taught by Kirsten Stingle and Lynn Leahy

September 13th – 21st, 2021

Arizona Art Supply; Phoenix, AZ

$1,550 (A $500 deposit reserves your space.)

Koshari (Koshare) is one of four sacred clowns seen on the Hopi Mesas.  In the Hopi tradition, the Koshari help to defuse community tensions by providing their own humorous interpretation of the tribe’s popular culture.  They reinforce taboos and communicate traditions, often acting out and exaggerating improper behavior, during the most vital and fundamental rituals. 

The sacred clowns of the Pueblo people do not employ masks but rely on body paint and head dresses. These individuals present themselves with black and white horizontal stripes painted on their bodies and faces, paint black circles around the mouth and eyes, and part their hair in the center and bind it in two bunches which stand upright on each side of the head and are trimmed with corn husks.


Lynn Leahy and Kirsten Stingle would like you to invite you to a workshop that will pay homage to this iconic figure. Inspired by their visit to the Heard Museum and the importance of humor while navigating life’s journey this workshop will explore our own mischievous personality, building a 22” Koshari influenced figure out of air-dry clay.  S/he will sit on a raised, rustic wooden platform that we will also be used as a narrative vehicle. Anatomy will be discussed as well as the importance of gesture and expression as narrative tools. No prior ceramic or figurative experience is necessary. 

In addition to sculpting, we will provide the class with a variety of mixed media techniques, such as:

  • Concertina book with mica (Creating another object in which to tell your story.)

  • Stamp carving

  • Monoprinting

  • Reverse Glass Painting

  • Collage

  • Embellishment of base

Price includes: wooden base, clay, armature and glass, as well as a fieldtrip to the Heard Museum to further your understanding and inspiration.


carving image.jpg

A $500 deposit reserves your place in this small, one of kind class.  Please email lynnheahy2@gmail.com for payment instructions.  Email kirsten@kirstenstingle.com or lynnleahy2@gmail.com with any questions.

*Vaccinations or anti-body certificate are required to participate.


Playing With Personal Mythologies
Taught by Kirsten Stingle and Christine Kosiba
October 25th - 29th, 2021
Bascom Center for the Visual Arts 


Learn how to make both an animal and human form and how to deconstruct them to create your own mythological narrative. 


This 5-day intensive workshop begins on Monday with a slideshow exploring animal human hybrids in mythology as well as samples of Stingle's and Kosiba's work for inspiration and discussion.

The rest of the workshop is dedicated to guiding participants in expanding their narrative vocabulary by combining human and animal sculptures to create their own mythologies. Proportion and anatomy will be covered as well as the power of gesture and expression in storytelling. Students will build a human torso and at least one animal form.

We will then focus the class on deconstructing and combining these figures to create their own narrative sculptures. Different building styles and techniques will be offered that participants can adapt for their own studio practice.

2022 Workshops

Provence, France Retreat--Registration Open

Impressions of Provence Retreat:  Creative Travel Experience
Collaborative Retreat with Kirsten Stingle, Lynn Leahy, Merideth Lynn Wright
Provence, France
September 15th - 24th, 2021

Participants will spend half their time absorbing the art and culture of Provence, and the other half in the studio exploring a variety of mixed media techniques to translating the magic of Provence into a narrative memory case.  


Participants will spend half their time absorbing the art and culture of Provence, and the other half in the studio exploring a variety of mixed media techniques to translating the magic of Provence into a narrative memory case.  

Historic Preservationist and former resident of Provence, Merideth Wright, will arrange site visits exploring the rich culture of this area and provide detailed information for each visit.

Our studio will be in the charming town of Arles, home to Roman Ruins, museums, cafes, markets, and sites that Van Gogh painted while he was living there. Kirsten Stingle and Lynn Leahy will guide students in a plethora of mixed media techniques to create your own narrative memory box out of a painter’s travel case. Techniques will include sculpting with air dry paper clay, mark making with thread, silk paper making, eco dying, book arts, stamp carving, collage, etc. Demos and hands-on instruction will be provided with emphasis on narrative. All these techniques will be combined in an collection of souvenir objects that tells the tale of your journey in Provence.  Instructional handouts and additional studio hours will be offered.