Creating Personal Mythologies:

Combining Animal and Human Forms

Christine Kosiba and Kirsten Stingle Dual Workshop

Encinitas, CA

March 20-22-----Class filled, wait-list only



This workshop will guide participants in expanding their narrative vocabulary by learning how to make a life size bust and life size raven.  Students can combine them to create their own mythologies.  Proportion and anatomy will be covered as well as the power of gesture and expression in storytelling.  Different building styles and techniques will be offered that participants can adapt for their own studio practice.  This workshop is for ALL LEVELS.  

2020 Workshops

Sacred Spaces:

Figurative Sculptural Workshop

March 26th-29th 

Julie Dickey’s Studio

Cost: $750

Class full, wait list only

In this 4-day workshop, Kirsten will explore the figure as a narrative vehicle by leading students in a building a medium sized torso (15” tall) and that sits within a shrine like backdrop.  Anatomy and proportion will be reviewed as well as the importance of using gesture, expression and found objects as narrative tools.   Individual attention and problem solving will be emphasized and a review of possible finishing techniques will be provided. Beginners through intermediate.  Prior figure experience is not required.  Class size limited to only 8 to maximize one-to-one instruction. 

Building a Large Santos 

Mixed Media Workshop with Lynn Leahy

July 27 - 31

Phoenix, AZ

In this 5 day workshop, Kirsten and Lynn will lead students in creating a 4'-5' cage skirt Santos sculpture, wings, and a decorative platform on which to display the Santos, using a multitude of mixed media techniques and figurative sculpting.  First, students will learn how to create a realistic torso from air dry clay.  If you have NEVER sculpted, this is your chance to learn while exploring the importance of gesture and expression as important narrative tools. Anatomy and proportion will be reviewed in class so prior figurative experience is not necessary.  Beginners and all levels welcome.  Lynn will provide a variety of mixed media techniques in which to create wings and decorate the Santos platform.

Further details coming soon.

Impressions of Provence:  Creative Travel Experience

Dual Workshop with Lynn Leahy, Merideth Lynn Wright

Provence, France

September 24 - October 3


Students will spend half their time absorbing the art and culture of Provence, and the other half in the studio exploring a variety of mixed media techniques to translating the magic of Provence into a narrative memory case.  

Historic Preservationist and former resident of Provence, Merideth Wright, will arrange site visits exploring the rich culture of this area and provide detailed information for each visit.

At the Chateau Studio, where local lore says Van Gogh painted his famous ‘Haystacks in Provence,’ Kirsten Stingle and Lynn Leahy will guide students in a plethora of mixed media techniques to create your own narrative memory box out of a painter’s travel case. Techniques will include figurative sculpting with air dry paper clay, mark making with thread, silk paper making, collage, painting, etc. Demos and hands-on instruction will be provided with emphasis on narrative. Instructional handouts and additional studio hours will be offered.

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